Sangam Mulmi


A computer scientist who is most likely creating something awesome right now.

About Sangam

A person with the love for Art and Science.

Sangam Mulmi is an optimistic individual with a positive mindset, who was fortunate to be born and raised in the Himalayan republic, Nepal. At an early age, he developed a great interest in computers, which he started exploring as a hobby, and proceeded to pursue it both academically and professionally.

Currently, Sangam works as Systems Architect and Instructor at Louisiana Tech University, where he conducts and manages several in‑house application development projects, while contributing in research and participating in other emerging fields like Internet of Things. His primary interest in computing is in Artificial Intelligence, which is followed by the interests in Cyber Security, Data Mining, Digital Forensics, and Web Technologies.

Sangam's Projects

Sangam Mulmi has undertaken several projects in different roles.

The following are some of the projects:

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities of NAO Robot
Developed a web-based Tic-Tac-Toe game that NAO (an autonomous robot) and a human could play against each other. In this demonstration, to display NAO’s intelligence, it was programmed to avoid any loss.

Remotely Manageable Kiosk Information Center
Developed an online CMS using HTML, JQuery, CSS, PHP, and MySQL for a Kiosk that could be remotely managed. The kiosks generated and managed using this CMS could be run on any Android-based touchscreen devices.

ClickAttack: An iOS Game
Designed and developed an addictive iOS game where the users are asked to tap on the randomly appearing objects as quickly as possible within a minute. The highest score ever recorded was 26.

Research Proposal Routing System
Developed an online Research Proposal Routing system based on PHP that is currently used campus-wide by Louisiana Tech University to get approvals on all research proposals.

Online Q&A System for Study Abroad Programs
Designed and developed a community-powered website where users could ask any study abroad related questions. Other users, who knew answers to those questions, could answer those questions to help the community.

... and many more.


Sangam Mulmi is an enthusiastic individual who involves in various activities.

Currently, he holds a Systems Architect and Instructor position at Louisiana Tech University with teaching responsibilities.

Courses taught

CYEN 122/CSC 122Intermediate Computer Programming
CSC 330Programming Langauges
CYEN 401/CSC 443/CSC 543Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime
CYEN 406/CSC 444Applied Cryptography
ACTT ProgramIntroduction to Web Development

Besides teaching and school-y stuff, Sangam also actively indulges himself in the things he is passionate about, including but not limited to – photographing, traveling, biking, painting, etc.